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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Home Study VENT!

This is a small VENT! So, the only thing we are waiting on for our Home Study to be complete is our physicals to be finished. The labs are not back yet and I'm scared Sam's labs will be in "limbo" since all the flight docs are deploying with him. They won't allow me to pick them up!!! I DO NOT understand why but they won't. I only have 3 different power of a attorneys... 0_o So....we will have to wait until Sam gets settled overseas and has his flight doc hunt them down. Only to snail mail them back to me and pray nothing happens to them in the process. This should have been a done deal. I guess not :(


I keep trying to tell myself, this brief break in plans could be the difference between Sam being able to go with me to China and me having to go by myself or with someone else. Bigger picture, Stacie. bigger picture! LOL

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