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Monday, January 7, 2013

Why Adoption? PART 2

Backing up a bit.....

In August our church service was about asking God for forgiveness for trying to control something in your life instead of giving it over to Him. We were to write on the board something we were trying to control. This is what I wrote:

Fast forward to September-

The night before my doctors appt I prayed hard. And specifically.  It went something like this but don't qoute me ;)  "God, adoption has been weighing on my heart and mind something fierce.  If this is in YOUR plans for us, please show me a sign. I will not doubt you. I will not blow it off as a coinsedense. I will have faith.  Also, if we are meant to adopt please point me in the direction WHERE.  I do not care- domestic or international. They are all Your children and all equally important.

The following day my doctor was not available to see me so I saw another doctor.

Dr. Woo

She asked me if I was done having kids because I was probably going to have to have a hysterectomy.  I told her I was done and was thinking of adopting. She asked me where from?  I didn't have a place pin-pointed yet but since all the ladies I had talked to about adoption went through China...I just blurted out, "Not sure, maybe China".  She proceeded to tell me that she was from China and that she actually was apart of the committee downtown Savannah that held a Chinese New Years party every year. She said " I have never seen so many blonde parents with Chinese kids before!" LOL No more blowing it off- that was my wink from God. I hear You loud and clear.  Application is in the mail.

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