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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Dossier Update 2/17/2013

As of Feb 8th our Home Study is officially complete! A notarized copy was sent to me and I sent it to the courthouse in Atlanta to get certified by the Superior Clerk of Court. When it returns I will send it to the Secretary of State to get certified, then to the courier in Houston for authentication.  Besides that, we are waiting for USCIS (Unites States Citizenship and Immigration Services) to issue Alexis and I a fingerprint appointment. Hopefully it will come in the next few weeks! After the fingerprints are complete USCIS will issue us an approval letter. We will have to get that approval letter notarized, certified and authenticated. Then I will mail it to our agency and we should be finally ready to be DTC! (Documents to China) I will wait for China to issue me a LID (log in date) and for a referral (matched with a child).  

I think my next blog should be about all the acronyms in Chinese adoptions!! haha

For real.

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