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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Acronyms and Another Step!

In the process of adoption (particularly from China) you hear many, many, many acronyms. It's like a second language. If you're in a military family you know ALL about acronyms and how you'd better catch on quick or you will be beyond lost :)  So here is a reference to use when you see all my adoption jargon going on ...

HS ~ Home Study 
I-800A ~ Your application to USCIS to adopt a child from China
USCIS~ United States Citizenship & Immigration Services (Homeland Security)
I-797 Notice of Action ~ Approval of your I-800A
DTA ~ Documents (Dossier) to Agency
DTC ~ Documents (Dossier) to China
LID ~ Log In Date
LOI ~ Letter of Intent
PA ~ Pre-Approval (of your match/referral/CHILD!)
LOA ~ Letter of Approval (Acceptance)
I-800 ~ Your application to adopt a SPECIFIC child from China
A5 or Article 5 ~ Final approval from the United States for the adoption to take place
TA ~ Travel Approval
CA ~ US Consulate Appointment in China

A few other China Adoption terms:

Gotcha Day! (or Forever Family Day) ~ The day you welcome your child into your arms!
SW ~ Social Worker
WC ~ Waiting Child
AP ~ Adoptive Parent
SF ~ Special Focus
SN ~ Special Needs
NSN ~ Non- Special Needs
PAP ~ Pre-Adoptive Parent
NVC~ National Visa Center
OOT ~ Out of Translation
CCCWA ~ China Center for Children's Welfare and Adoption

CCAI ~ Chinese Children Adoption International (our agency)

I know there are a few more so I'll add if they come to mind. And I'll answer any questions about any of the ones I just listed!! Just comment or message me.

So, I have ALL my documents ready (notarized, certified and authenticated) so tomorrow I will send the last of them to my agency (DTA!!). When they receive them they will review them, make copies, translate them and bind them in the way they know China likes to see them. Our agency is awesome (CCAI) so I know we are in good hands!  As soon as they get to China and China reviews them- I will receive a Log in Date (LID). We should be getting a referral (new son or daughter) very very soon!!!!  :)

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