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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Update on our next step, fund raiser and name!

Well, I haven't updated in forever but if you keep up with my Facebook page, you would know that we were matched with a beautiful baby boy! He is currently 10 months old living in Kaifeng China. He has a cleft lip (that has been repaired), a cleft palate and PFO (Patent Foreman Ovale), which is a minor heart condition. We are so incredibly blessed to be chosen to be his parents :)

As of right now we are waiting on our Letter of Approval. This "typically" comes in 60 days but the CCCWA has changed their system and things are still trying to get on track. We know some people that have waited over 100 days! So, prayers for ours to come soon would be appreciated. After we receive that letter, we will wait for Travel Approval then a Consulate Appointment. I'm really hoping for October travel but I'm thinking it'll be more like November. And hopefully not as long as December. Having a child and not being able to go get them right away is NOT a feeling I wish on anyone!

We are still fund raising to help with the expenses to bring him home to us.  We have custom ordered a puzzle that is of an amazing scene in his birth city. It's the Qingming Riverside landscape Garden. We have added the scripture from I Samuel 1:27-28 to it. Each piece is a $10 donation and we will add the name of your choice to the back of it. After it's completed, we will glue it together and frame it with double sided glass so he can see everyone who had a helping hand with this fund raiser :) Please contact me for more info or use the Pay Pal donate button for payment. 

His name!!!  I forgot to mention, we have named our baby Gage. His Chinese name is Guo ZhiChen :) Gage means promise or oath. We thought it fit so very perfectly <3

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